Pablo Mateos Pablo Mateos was a Co-Investogator on the migration workstream. Contact Pablo at
cropped_photo Martin Zaltz-Austwick was a Research Associate on the ENFOLDing project. He worked on the Synthesis work stream, creating pilot databasing and flow visualisation tools. Contact Martin at
Joan Serras Joan holds a PhD in Engineering Design for Complex Transportation Systems and worked as a Research Associate on the Development Workstream with a focus on flows and networks. Contact Joan at
Toby Davies was a PhD student on UCL’s SECReT program, jointly supervised by Mathematics and Security Science. He was affiliated with the Security workstream, where his research interests included the use of complex systems methods to model the spatio-temporal patterns of security-related systems. Contact Toby at
Kimberley Claydon holds an MSc in Industrial Mathematical Modelling and works as a Doctoral Researcher on the Migration and Global Demographics workstream of the ENFOLDing project. Her research interests are in global human migration modelling and the advancement of current mathematical methods to the field.
Alex Braithwaite Alex Braithwaite was a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Political Science and Co-Investigator on the ENFOLDing project. His research investigated the causes and geography of various forms of political violence, with a focus in examining where terrorist attacks and international conflicts are located. He has also worked on domestic political theories of terrorism, geographic explanations for conflict diffusion and joining behaviors, and the strategic interaction of insurgent and counter-insurgent forces. Contact Alex at
Elio Elio Marchione was a Research Associate on the Security Workstream. He worked on space-time clustering and global dynamic modelling of modern maritime piracy.
Simone Caschilli holds a PhD in Complex Network Theory and Spatial Planning, and worked as a Research Associate on the Trade Workstream, with a particular interest in shipping.

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