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Sean Hanna

 sean_square Sean Hanna is lecturer at the Bartlett in UCL, and Co-Investigator on the Development workstream within ENFOLDing. Contact Sean at

Belinda Wu

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 16.40.49 Belinda Wu holds a PhD in Geography and has a broad interest in modelling and simulating complex systems in socio-spatial dimensions. She works as a Research Associate on the Development Aid workstream of the ENFOLD-ing project. Contact Belinda at

Joan Serras

Joan Serras Joan holds a PhD in Engineering Design for Complex Transportation Systems and worked as a Research Associate on the Development Workstream with a focus on flows and networks. Contact Joan at

Rob Levy

Rob Levy has an MSc in Quantitative Economics and is studying, under the auspices of the ENFOLDing project, for a PhD in the regional macroeconomics of development aid. He is interested in large datasets, mathematical analyses and macroeconomic modelling. Contact Rob at