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Working Papers

03/11/2014 – CASA Working Paper 198
Levy, Rob G; Oleron Evans, Thomas P; Wilson, Alan G (2014) A global inter-country economic model based on linked input-output models

17/06/2013 – CASA Working Paper 192
Dennett, A (2013) Inter-Regional Migration in Europe and the Influences of Economic and Labour Market Inequalities


16/07/2012 – CASA Working Paper 186
Claydon, K (2012) A global model of human migration

16/05/2012 – CASA Working Paper 184
Dennett, A. and Mateos, P. (2012) Global migration modelling: A review of key policy needs and research centres

28/03/2012 – CASA Working Paper 181
Dennett, A (2012) Estimating flows between geographical locations: ‘get me started in’ spatial interaction modelling

16/01/2012 – CASA Working Paper 178
Fry H. and Wilson, A.G. (2012) A dynamic global trade model with four sectors: food, natural resources, manufactured goods and labour


10/11/2011 – CASA Working Paper 173
Caschili, S. et al., (2011) Cooperation in container shipping: A small world network of agreements

05/11/2011 – CASA Working Paper 172
Caschili, S. and Medda F. R., (2011) Shipping as a complex adaptive system: A new approach in understanding international trade

01/11/2011 – CASA Working Paper 171
Baudains, P., Fry, H., Davies, T. and Wilson, A.G., (2011) Introducing space to mathematical models of conflict



Parallel trends: a study of the relationship between wheat price and maritime freight rate PDF 8.8MB (Luca Cocconcelli)

Analysing the london riots via a mathematical model PDF 21.3MB (Toby Davies)


Geovisualisation of socieconomic inequalities: New trends in the social web [in Spanish] PDF 8.4MB (Pablo Mateos)

Migration and citizenship in social media; A ‘netnography’ of access to Spanish citizenship PDF 1.1MB (Pablo Mateos)

Why did the riots occur here but not there? PDF 4.3MB (Peter Baudains, Alex Braithwaite & Shane Johnson)

From Statistical Modelling to Agent-based Simulations: A study of the London Riots PDF 3.6MB (Peter Baudains, Alex Braithwaite & Shane Johnson)

Modelling Maritime Piracy PDF, 3.2MB (Elio Marchione, Shane Johnson & Alan Wilson)

A Mathematical Model of the London Riots and Their Policing PDF, 14.2MB (Toby Davies, Hannah Fry & Alan Wilson)

Spatial Analysis Modelling of the London Riots PDF, 3.3MB (Toby Davies, Hannah Fry & Alan Wilson)

Rate effects on the growth of centres PDF, 7.6MB (Hannah Fry and Frank Smith)

A multi-level spatial interaction modelling framework for estimating inter-regional migration in Europe PDF, 4.83MB (Adam Dennett)


War games: the life and military ranks of Z. S. Blotto PDF, 2.1MB (Peter Baudains)

Twitter revolutions, conflict modelling and global dynamics PDF, 2.1MB (Peter Baudains)

Exploring intelligent agents and spatial heterogeneity in an agent-based model of civil violence PDF, 2.8MB (Peter Baudains, Alex Braithwaite & Shane Johnson)

Spatial interaction model embedded in Richardson dynamics PDF, 1.9MB (Peter Baudains)

A Richardson arms race model with space PDF, 1.9MB (Peter Baudains)

A Model of the London Riots PDF, 2.35MB (Hannah Fry)

A dynamic global trade model of three sectors PDF, 1.3MB (Hannah Fry)

Using complex systems methods to model global dynamics PDF, 0.98 MB (Hannah Fry)

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